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1What is the application for your electrostatic precipitator?
It is widely used to remove cooking fume and odor from commercial kitchens of hotels, catering industry, school & company canteen and so on. It also can be used for coffee roasting smoke, CNC oil collection and other oily smoke. Please contact our sales for details.
2What’s your warranty policy?
We firmly believe product quality is crucial for business. All our products produced under ISO-9001-2008 quality management system. They are strictly tested before delivery. We provide 1 year limited warranty, please contact us for more details.
3What is your service time?
Our working day is from Monday to Friday, but we promise you always can be responded within 2 days. We knew the true key to our business success would be in providing maximum satisfactory solutions and service with minimal excuses.
4Can I be your exclusive agent?
Thanks for your good willing on cooperation. Agency plans various on products and markets. Please contact our sales representatives for more details.
5Will you spam my email after I subscribe your news letter?
We will not spam your email and respect your privacy. Will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information to any third party. By subscribing our newsletter, you can get our product update as well as company & industry news.